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Should I speak with the other driver’s insurance company?

Be very careful.

You recently were involved in an auto accident, at no fault of your own, because the other driver was drunk driving, distracted while driving, impaired driving, or simply negligently driving. No matter the reason for the car crash, or how obviously at fault the other driver is, always be wary to speak with the other driver’s insurance company. It’s better to call an automobile or personal injury lawyer first.

These days, personal injury victims from car crashes begin getting calls and in person visits from the other driver’s insurance company very soon after the incident. You and your family are dealing with a lot at that time — medical bills, medical care, trying to get a rental car from the insurance company, psychological distress, and more. 

While your first instinct may be to speak with the insurance agent and get them to cut the small check they offered you — beware. The insurance company’s goal is not to fully and fairly compensate you. Their job is to close your case. While it might sound good to get some fast money, its never enough and seldom fair. Once you settle you can never go back to get more money. 

Always contact an auto accident and personal injury attorney like Attorney Charlie Donahue before speaking with the other insurance company. Attorney Donahue will handle the difficult conversations with the insurance company and has the experience to get the most compensation for your case. Charlie Donahue will emphatically represent your best interests and put the pressure on the entity that deserves it most — the insurance company of the driver who caused your physical, emotional and financial pain and suffering. 

Remember, you should contact your own insurance agent to report the accident. I’m talking about talking with the insurance company of the person who caused the crash — be careful. 

What you say to the insurance company after a car crash can, and will, be used against you – often times twisted against you. 


If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash please call Donahue Law at (603) 357-2363 or message Charlie at the bottom of this page so we can fight for you. 

It’s best to call for advice early. Let an experienced injury lawyer guide you through the process. 

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the insurance company. 

It costs nothing to talk with Donahue Law, and we don’t get paid until you win.

It’s your story and your settlement.

The insurance company wants a recorded statement, what do you do?

Contact an injury lawyer right away. No good comes from subjecting yourself to a recorded statement from a representative of the person who caused you harm. They are not looking to help you, nor are they seeking the truth. They are looking to hurt you and slant the tables against you. Talk with a lawyer who will aggressively represent your interests and put the heat where it belongs – on the insurance company of the person who caused all this misery and upset. We do so without apology or any concern what the insurance company thinks.

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer

“The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.”

I wish I could take credit for this great quote.

These are the words of one of the world’s greatest spiritual writers – Thomas Merton.

Of course, I immediately applied them to injury law and dealing with insurance companies.

Unless the insurance company knows you are prepared to go all the way, you will get shortchanged.

There are no short-cuts in this line of work – none.

No such thing as a strong letter to threaten these companies – only hard work. Smart and determined focus will get the results you deserve.

These days, more than ever, the insurance companies are looking to take advantage.

Their obligation is to their stockholders, not you.

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer

What to do when the insurance adjuster, driving a vehicle with an insurance company logo, shows up at your door…

Don’t let them in.

They’ll have a checkbook with the authority to write you a puny check.

Don’t settle.

Don’t fall for it.

Keep your eye on the logo, and remember who they work for – it’s not you.

They might seem very nice, and they might be nice people, but they do not have your best interests at heart.

Call a lawyer before you ever consider talking with them, let alone let them in your house.

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer

How come you never hear about this stuff in the news?

What I’m talking about is how often insurance companies get fined for fraud and unfair practices.

It happens all the time.

The power people rather have you focused on some fraudulent claimant – to deceive you into thinking everyone who makes a claim is a fraud.

The truth is that some of the biggest crooks are insurance companies.

I’m not talking about your local insurance agent. Yours, like mine, are probably very decent people trying to help their clients.

I’m talking about the many multi-millionaires at the very top of the food-chain who set policy for insurance companies, and run the industry.

For them, it’s all about saving the almighty buck.

The truth of the matter is most of the good folks who work for these companies get screwed over too.

So you’re not alone.

The point of this blog is to make sure you don’ trust them with your claim – they’ll give you a raw deal.

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer

You need excellent insurance coverage

Not only does it protect your assets if you mess up, it also provides you coverage if you get hit by an uninsured driver or underinsured driver – and there are lots of them out there.

Check out my website on under/uninsured motorist protections.

I see way too many people with serious injuries get far too little because there was not enough insurance coverage.

You can prevent that by buying adequate UM coverage.

The best part – it’s not that expensive! It’s one of the most important types of coverage you can buy.

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer

I’m NOT bashing your insurance agent or mine.

As you can see from my blogs, I’m very critical of the insurance industry.

I don’t appreciate how they treat good, honest people when they need to make a claim for damages.

By the way, I’m also critical of most lawyers, too.

Any way, my criticism is not directed at insurance agents who sell insurance. Most are decent business people trying to protect their customers. Your insurance agent, like mine, is probably doing their best to sell you what you need for insurance coverage.

These people, however, are not involved in claims. They literally have little, to no, say in how the insurance company will treat you and your claim.

It’s not their table. It’s another department literally.

Even then, my criticisms are usually not even targeted at the insurance claims professions who are hired to work on your claim. Again, most are decent folks trying to make a living.

The trouble is that their hands are tied. They have to pay what the big shots tell them to pay; and in many instances, what some computer says a case is worth.

I never accept a computer’s evaluation of human suffering and you should not either.

Ultimately if your case can not be settled, 12 jurors – living and breathing human beings – sit on the jury, not 12 computers – and that’s a very good thing.


Some quick advice.

Never talk settlement numbers with an insurance adjuster until you’ve talked with a lawyer.

Most lawyers offer a Free Consultation.

Just pick up the phone and ask for some advice.

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer

HUSH – look who gets to hide in court – the biggest bully: the insurance company.

At trial the plaintiff is the person making a claim, and the defendant is the person who is being blamed for causing the problem. Both will be in the courtroom.

Insurance pays for the defense lawyers and any verdict the jury might award.

Trouble is – hush – nobody is allowed to talk about insurance and how it gets to hide at court.

Some laws just got to be changed.

For more information check out my previous blog post dated September 3rd, 2019 called Jury Trials – Fraud Exposed.

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer


It is my firm belief that every case should be settled in an amicable fashion—fair and reasonably. I always advise my clients to settle for a fair amount; this is not some sort of lottery—at least not in my view.

Sadly, the insurance companies, all too often, decide to short-change and cheat injury victims.

When that happens it is important to have a lawyer who is willing to present your case to a jury.

Trial by jury is a great American tradition. It is important in a free society that the citizens make the important decisions. Without juries, the little guy has no chance for justice. In front of the jury, everyone is equal—justice for all.

Unfortunately the power people have done all they can to corrupt trial by jury, to advance their own big money interests at the expense of good, hard-working folks.

The laws are written by the powerful– and that includes big, powerful insurance companies.

Let me give you an example of how the system is stacked against the little guy:

When a case goes to jury trial, the insurance company gets to HIDE. The law prevents the lawyer for the injury victim to tell the jury that the person being sued has insurance. In fact, even though the insurance company is the real party- in- interest, the plaintiff has to sue the other person involved and not his insurance company!

The jury is not told that if the injury victim wins, the verdict is paid by insurance. The trial looks like one individual—the plaintiff, against another—the defendant.

Throughout all pre-trial negotiations the insurance company can bully, harass, threaten, intimidate and make the injury victim’s life difficult, and then HIDE at trial.

The system perpetrates this fraud on the jurors.

And the big insurance companies love it because it tends to limit the amount of jury awards. If jurors are deceived into thinking a defendant might have to pay the award out of his own pocket, they might be hesitant to make a large award—even if the injury victim is entitled to a huge award.

In my opinion, the jury should be told that the defendant has insurance, and that insurance is paying for his lawyer and will pay for any verdict it might award.

Instead, injury victims just have to hope that the jurors figure it out on their own. This is unfair to the little guy in his quest for justice. The compensation that should go to the injury victim and his family goes, instead, to the corporate big-wigs by way of bonuses.

I truly hope that one day there will be enough legislators, who truly want to help the little guy, to change these kind of very unfair laws.

The jurors should be trusted to hear everything that either side needs to present—after all, shouldn’t a jury trial be about justice for all?

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