Hit & Run Accidents

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You are not automatically out of luck if the other person takes off, and leaves you high and dry.

Too many people just assume they have no case, and don’t even bother to take advantage of a free consultation.

I’ve helped many folks receive financial compensation in claims involving hit and run drivers.


If someone injures you or a loved one and then takes off, you have every reason to feel betrayed and angry. We all share the roadways together. We trust that everybody will obey the rules of the road. Making a mistake on the streets can obviously have an impact on others. When someone breaches that trust and then fails to have the decency to stop to make sure everybody is ok and apologize, it makes things far worse. Insult is added to injury.

You might be wondering how you will be compensated if the other driver took off and is nowhere to be found.


In New Hampshire your own automobile insurance covers you for the actions of a hit and run driver. It is part of your uninsured motorist coverage. You pay for the coverage, and the insurance company can be forced to provide the benefits it promised.

I’ve recovered millions for folks who were injured by hit and run drivers.

Charlie Donahue is a people-lawyer, so if you have an injury caused by a hit and run driver and want straight talk and honest answers, contact DONAHUE LAW FIRM now for FREE advice. We can help you even if the other driver has not been found!

There is no cost to talk, no up front fees to hire Charlie and you don’t pay anything until your case is won.