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I have experience handling a wide variety of personal injury matters. Below I’ve listed the most common cases that I handle. If you don’t see a practice area here that matches your situation, don’t be discouraged. Give me a call at (603) 357-2363 and we’ll discuss your options.

Auto Accidents

If someone injures you or a loved one, you have every reason to feel betrayed and angry. We all share the roadways together.

Personal Injury

It is not too much to expect people to follow the rules of safety—whether it be on our roadways, at our places of work or in our hospitals.

Wrongful Death Cases

There is no real justice that could ever come close to replacing a loved one. It sounds crass and hard to even think about making a claim, but justice needs to be served.

Medical Malpractice

I think many of the problems are systemic—the business of running a hospital conflicts with patient care. Doctors are pressured to see too many patients and can’t spend adequate.

Workers Compensation

If you get injured on the job you are entitled to certain benefits under the law. You should not have to beg for your benefits.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

If you or someone you care about has been injured by an uninsured driver, your own insurance policy could very well provide you with coverage.

Trucking Accidents

Victims of trucking accidents often have extremely severe injuries that necessitate long-term care. These accidents can have a devastating effect.

Motorcycle Accidents

There is a lot of prejudice against certain kinds of motorists who have every right to use our roadways—motorcyclists. I fight against that prejudice.

Your story. Your settlement.

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