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Property owners have a legal responsibility to the public to make sure the premises are in a reasonably safe condition.

If someone gets injured on another’s property, the owner or lessor might very well be legally liable to pay damages.

This is why owners purchase liability insurance. The insurance company becomes responsible for paying the person injured.

Most businesses are in the business of making money—profit. All businesses have risks and so business owners protect themselves by buying insurance.

Don’t feel bad about making a claim. If your cause is just, that is the way the system is supposed to work. Believe me, the insurance companies expect to pay claims. When all is said and done they still make incredible profits—so much so that their big shots can pay themselves million or multi-million dollar bonuses.


  • All property owners and businesses have a legal duty to operate and maintain their premises in a safe condition for customers, pedestrians and visitors, and to warn them adequately of any dangers.
  • It is important to know that a property owner is not responsible simply because someone gets hurt. That is a popular misconception. The property owner must be proven negligent or careless.
  • This makes sense because nobody or no business should be held responsible to pay damages if they didn’t do anything wrong.
    We seek justice for the injured to help them restore their lives. In the process we like to think we help our community be a safer place to live and work because wrongdoers are held accountable for the damages inflicted upon decent folks.

At Donahue Law, we’ve helped many clients who’ve sustained injury on another’s premises including:

  • Slip and falls caused by slippery floors, standing, water, ice and snow
  • Trip and falls caused by uneven walkways or stairs
  • Inadequate security caused by inadequate lighting
  • Falling trees
  • Products falling off shelves
  • Swimming pool and diving injuries

If you’ve been injured on another’s property contact Donahue Law for a free, no obligation consultation. Every property owner and/or tenant owes a duty to members of the public to use reasonable care in the operation and maintenance of their property.


Charlie Donahue is a people-lawyer, so if you have any questions about premises injury or liability claim and want straight talk and honest answers, contact DONAHUE LAW FIRM now for FREE legal advice.

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