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My heart goes out to those abused by another person, and will do everything I can to help the injured restore their lives, and seek some justice against the wrongdoers.

I despise bullies, and those who take advantage of other human beings.

I stand up for victims of sexual abuse.

I was involved in one of these cases in the early 1980’s and learned from one of the nation’s foremost child advocates.

The sexual abuse of children is a cancerous evil in our society. Sexual predators and pedophiles are people you know, but not well enough.

The abuser is not the fellow who attacks from behind the bushes. The predator works his way into a position of trust and, in a vile and vicious manner, abuses that trust. They lurk in our midst—churches, schools, work and in youth organizations.

As the first lawyer in the history of Cheshire County to file a civil lawsuit on behalf of a minor who was sexually abused, I was a pioneer in New Hampshire representing victims of sexual abuse.

In 1987, I brought one of the first sex abuse cases (nationwide) for pastoral malpractice, after elders of a well-known cult directed its members not to report to legal authorities the sexual abuse of a young child. The case settled before trial for a substantial amount. To this day, I continue to receive calls from lawyers from across the country on some of the law I used in that sex abuse case to protect sex abuse victims.

In the 1990’s I was on a national television show with a client who suffered long-term sexual abuse at the hands of her own dad.

Sex abuse and molestation is not limited to children. No amount of money will ever compensate any victim; however, perpetrators should be punished and held fully accountable.

I recommend that all victims of sexual abuse and molestation consult with a well-respected and qualified mental health therapist or counselor to see if professional treatment will be helpful.

By holding perpetrators accountable for the destruction they cause, we help our communities be safer places to live and work.

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