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If you or someone you care about has been injured by an uninsured driver, your own insurance policy could very well provide you with coverage.

In New Hampshire if you carry auto liability insurance, the law requires your own company to cover damages caused by drivers without insurance.

Hit by someone with no insurance… no worries.

At Donahue Law we know how to get you coverage in uninsured motorist accidents.

The trouble is that insurance companies and insurance agents fail to tell their own customers their own policy covers them. They have a financial interest in keeping this valuable information from you.

I strongly feel that if you paid for a benefit, then you should receive it.

The insurance policy is a contract, an agreement, that must be honored. If the customer/policy holder has paid their insurance premiums, the company has a legal responsibility to honor its part of the agreement by paying the benefit.

In making a claim for benefits, it is imperative you hire a good lawyer. Just because the insurance company is legally obligated to pay, that does not mean that it will do so or that it will pay full damages. In fact, the insurance company will deny, delay and minimize. I won’t stand for it.

Unfortunately, there are numerous uninsured motorists on the roads throughout New Hampshire because auto insurance is not mandatory.

Fortunately Donahue Law can help you if you have been involved in any type of auto accident, motorcycle accident, trucking accident, bicycle accident or pedestrian accident with an uninsured motorist.

An attorney with over 30 years of legal experience, Charles “Charlie” A. Donahue brings an unparalleled commitment to his clients to the table as he guides you through the process of making an uninsured motorist claim against your own insurance company.

I want to mention something very important to you. I run into many people who feel bad about making a claim under their own insurance policy and against their own insurance. While I understand, I encourage you not to be so protective about your company.

First, you paid for the coverage.

Second, under the policy they promise to pay you uninsured motorist benefits.

Third, they have no business raising your premium. They can’t punish you for making a legitimate claim. If they try, it’s easy to get a new insurance company– fix them by switching. They don’t deserve your business any way.

Finally, if you think your insurance company shares the love, try missing a premium or two and see what happens to you.

I’ve helped many folks with claims for uninsured motorist benefits. These are some of my favorite cases. I’m personally offended by the way most insurance carriers treat their own customers when they become injured and need insurance benefits. All too often the company loves to collect your premiums, but hates to pay claims.

What about claims against UNDER-INSURED motorists?

Yes, there are UNINSURED drivers, who have absolutely no insurance.

And, there are UNDER-INSURED drivers who carry some insurance, but not enough to cover the size of your claim.

Think about it. Lots of drivers buy cheap, small policies. In New Hampshire one can buy a policy that provides minimal coverage of only $25,000.

Minimal coverage is better than no coverage, but not sufficient.

If your policy provides greater coverage than the policy of the wrongdoer, then you can make an under-insured motorist claim under your own policy.

This is why it is absolutely crucial you buy excellent uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. It protects you and your family from irresponsible drivers who wreak havoc on the roadways and carry no insurance or little insurance.

The best part is this coverage should not be very expensive. Check with your insurance agent and insist on excellent coverage.

In the old days, $100,000 was considered good coverage, but not these days. It does not cost a lot to increase your limits to $250,000 or $500,000 or 1 million.

While you are at it, look at buying an umbrella policy. Again, these policies not only protect your assets if you are at fault for someone’s injuries, but more importantly they protect you from irresponsible drivers without insurance or with inadequate insurance coverage, if they contain UM coverage. Contact DONAHUE LAW FIRM now for FREE LEGAL ADVICE .

There is no cost to talk, no up front fees to hire Charlie and you don’t pay anything until your case is won.