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I’m NOT bashing your insurance agent or mine.

As you can see from my blogs, I’m very critical of the insurance industry.

I don’t appreciate how they treat good, honest people when they need to make a claim for damages.

By the way, I’m also critical of most lawyers, too.

Any way, my criticism is not directed at insurance agents who sell insurance. Most are decent business people trying to protect their customers. Your insurance agent, like mine, is probably doing their best to sell you what you need for insurance coverage.

These people, however, are not involved in claims. They literally have little, to no, say in how the insurance company will treat you and your claim.

It’s not their table. It’s another department literally.

Even then, my criticisms are usually not even targeted at the insurance claims professions who are hired to work on your claim. Again, most are decent folks trying to make a living.

The trouble is that their hands are tied. They have to pay what the big shots tell them to pay; and in many instances, what some computer says a case is worth.

I never accept a computer’s evaluation of human suffering and you should not either.

Ultimately if your case can not be settled, 12 jurors – living and breathing human beings – sit on the jury, not 12 computers – and that’s a very good thing.


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