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Donahue involved in big class action case with some of the country’s best

I’m looking forward to working with some close lawyer friends from Wisconsin and Louisiana on a big class action case. It involves consumer protection and seeks compensation for a rip-off. Like many such cases, the amount each consumer is ripped-off tends to be small,...

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Honored by Martindale-Hubbell for 2020-2021

Just got word that I have been honored with an AV rating, the highest honor awarded by Martindale-Hubbell. This rating has been long respected in the legal circles and means my peers in the bar and judiciary believe my legal skills get an "A" and am "V" very ethical....

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Staying Centered

I try to write my blogs and any advertising when I'm sitting on a bench in down-town. People watching always helps me stay centered on real people in the hustle and bustle of life. These things should not be written in a library or behind some big lawyer desk....

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There's no doubt I'm pretty tied up representing people involved with serious and catastrophic injury cases. I'd go into another line of work immediately if all that bad stuff could come to an end. Well, why on earth would I put up a billboard looking to help people...

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E-records Keep Patients Safe, or Do They?

E-record keeping is supposed to be the bee’s knees? But is it? “Are patients really safe when e-records are used?” asks Charlie Donahue, a Keene medical malpractice lawyer with offices in Keene, New Hampshire. “They may or may not be, but a recent study indicates the...

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