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” You’ll be glad you did”… a call you need to make (603-224-5828)

You’d be surprised to learn how many local lawyers have a record of unethical conduct.

Incredibly there are some still practicing who repeatedly lie, cheat and steal from their own clients. Some are on the verge of losing their license to practice law.

Lawyers who cheat, steal and lie do a great disservice to the legal profession. Fortunately, most get caught, convicted and punished.

Is your lawyer a crook? Are you his next victim? Don’t assume the wolf in sheep’s clothing is your friend, no matter how nice he seems. Better to be safe than sorry.

Often times clients are totally unaware that the lawyer they hired is a crook or cheat.

Just because a lawyer still advertises does not mean he is in good standing. He might be looking to draw in as many clients as he can, settle them as quickly and cheaply as possible to make money while he can.

Before you decide to hire any lawyer check with the bar association to see if he or she has a record of unethical conduct.

Not only that, you can find out if there are pending charges against any lawyer.

You need to know who you are dealing with or else you could get ripped off.

And, what if your lawyer is facing major charges right now, and you don’t know it? Could he be trying to settle your personal injury case before the you-know-what hits the fan? Do you really think he truly cares about the result to you or getting out of Dodge while the getting is good?

Call the Professional Conduct Committee at 603-224-5828 NOW and get a good, ethical lawyer before it’s too late.

Give me a call at any time & I’ll shoot straight with you. Recently I was approached by someone who wondered if his lawyer was doing a good job and wished he hired me. After listening to what he had to say during a FREE consultation, I advised him to stay with his current lawyer because I thought he was doing an acceptable job.

It is true, however, that you can fire a lawyer at will– for any reason at all, at no extra cost. You need to at least look into the situation, and I’d be honored to give you a no-obligation, free consultation.

Do your homework. Make the call. “You’ll be glad you did!”

Best wishes on this Easter Sunday.
Charlie Donahue, injury lawyer

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