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You are way more than a few notes on a yellow legal pad…

If all you are to your lawyer is a few notes on a yellow pad of paper, you might want to get a new lawyer.

You have a story–a very important story of your life and what’s happened to you and your loved ones since an accident.

Injuries have a way of turning life upside down.

It’s crucial that your lawyer spend time with you to know your story.

If your lawyer does not know or care about your story, there is no way it will ever be communicated to an insurance company, judge or jury.

You, as a client, are the boss.

It’s not like the old days when the lawyer was some kind of power figure, with all the knowledge and all the answers–thankfully!

It’s never too much to make sure your voice is heard–especially by the person you are paying to help you.

The law allows you to change lawyers without penalty.

There are lots of lawyers out there — many who actually care about their clients, and listen.

Although, I don’t pretend to be perfect for one second, I can say that me and my staff make it a priority to listen.

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