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Working cases with some friends

I’ve been blogging a lot about being part of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College.
I was on of 50 trial lawyers chosen to participate in September.
It was a great honor.
I got to work with some of the very best.
And like any athlete who trains with better athletes, it makes us better.
Challenging ourselves puts us to the top of our own games or professions.

In actuality if you stay the same, you are moving backward.

When I say my friends at the Trial Lawyers College are the best of the best, I do not exaggerate.
I am proud to say that day after day, in front of juries all over this country, my friends are bringing home tremendous verdicts; record setting verdicts, and they do it all the time.

I thought I knew what good was, but my perspective has changed.
This is not to take away from the lawyers who are, in fact, good.
Not at all.
They deserve credit.
But I am talking something bigger here, and I part of it.
For no other legal association comes close to the results of the Spence Trial Lawyers college– not close, and that is because there is no training like it anywhere.
It does not guarantee victory in every case because that is just not possible.

Just last weekend I met in Florida with members of the program to work on some of my cases and help with some of theirs.
We all worked on some skills too.

One of our members got a jury verdict of over 11 million dollars on s case where zero was offered.
He worked that case with friends at the college.

It is a very good feeling to know I can work any of my cases with any number of top notch trial lawyers, who will gladly help me all they can.

Being part of this organization has been life-changing for me.
And I need to brag a little because the whole point of a website and blog is to attract personal injury clients:
It feels real good to know that these lawyers value my input and consider me to be an equal, a brother ” Warrior for Justice.”
I could give you the names, and I am so proud to call them my friends.

Together, we are able to help people improve their lives by getting a slice of justice for them.
And that is awesome!

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