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Words I love to hear…

Other than ” I love you” or  an insurance company saying ” We’ll pay your client ” it always makes me happy when someone says ” You don’t act like a lawyer.”

The things that go with being a lawyer never interested me.

I’ve always thought it was best to be– well, myself.

I’m not interested in impressing people with big words, fancy dressing and lawyer stuff.

In fact, I despise that stuff and anything associated with an over-inflated sense of importance.

When people come to see me I want them to be themselves too. I don’t ever want anybody feeling they don’t measure up or are not good enough.

You want find me sitting behind a big lawyer desk, in front of a book case full of lawyer books, looking down my nose at anybody.

That’s not my style.

I want my clients to be real with me, so that I can truly understand how an injury has affected their lives and screwed things up for them.

My office staff is down-to-earth.

All of us are on this journey of life together. We have successes and failures, victories and set-backs, strengths and weaknesses, times of joy and sorrow.


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