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Why you need plenty of insurance

As a personal injury lawyer solely and exclusively dedicated to the representation of injury victims, not only in New Hampshire, but across the country, I am no friend of the insurance industry.

I’m not talking about the good folks who work for these big companies because they are just doing their jobs.

I’m referring to those at the very top whose policy it is to short-change injury victims, and for that matter, their own people if it will save them a few bucks.

So when I recommend that you have plenty of insurance coverage, there’s a very good explanation.

I’ve been seeing more than a few cases these days where my client sustained very serious injuries only to find out that the responsible person(s) did not carry enough insurance to fully compensate the injury victim.

Nothing makes an injury victim more angry.

But there is a way to prevent that terrible situation from ever happening. All you need to do is buy enough UNINSURED/UNDER-INSURED MOTORIST coverage on your own auto policy.

And, don’t forget about purchasing an UMBRELLA policy, as well.

That way, if, God forbid, you ever get injured by someone without sufficient insurance coverage, then your own insurance policy will kick in to provide you maximum compensation.

I’m not saying it will be easy, and that your own insurance company will be waiting for you with an open check book and a big hug. No. They actually step into the shoes of the wrongdoer and your own insurance company becomes, in a very real sense, the enemy/ the adversary.

But not to worry.

It’s the way it works and, with the right help, things can work out just fine.

If your own insurance company wrongly tries to jack up your premium after you collect under your policy, then I have a good idea: take your business somewhere else.

That’s right. The insurance world is very competitive these days, and you can bet another company would love your business.

Meet with your insurance agent to make sure you have the very best coverage you can afford.

I can walk you through all this if you need help, and would be honored to do so.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue
Personal injury and auto accident attorney
Keene, New Hampshire

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