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When Your Car Is More Connected Than Your Office, Something Is Wrong

These days, people may have more technology in their cars than in their offices. This is not safe.

Those with connectivity in their vehicles swear their productivity has increased and that they can multi-task and drive at the same time. These are often the same people that the police and EMS crews have to pull out of their wrecked cars with the Jaws of Life. They are often the same individuals who are either seriously injured or killed in an auto accident. It is a no brainer that someone cannot drive, text, talk, adjust equipment, send faxes or watch a computer screen without serious consequences.

Been lucky so far, and nothing has happened to you? While that is good news, it does not mean that you are not at risk. Nor does it mean that another driver, doing the same thing you are, will not slam into you and leave you badly injured. For safety’s sake, for the sake of your own life, and the lives of people you don’t know, who also have families, do not use mobile technology while you are driving.

All of our technology is addictive. We did just fine without any of it. Now we think we can’t live without “all” of it. As an injury lawyer, I see lots of needless suffering caused by distracted people. It is a good practice for all of us to spend some time away from our computers and iPhones to see that we can manage just fine without being connected all the time. It seems like we are always on high alert waiting for the next message. It is good for us to take a step back from all of it.

Don’t think this is an issue? The average American spends over two hours in their car every day. The rest of the day is typically spent “communicating” with everyone by updating a Facebook place, posting a Tweet on Twitter, visiting a Google+ site, texting or whatever else comes to mind during the day. Technology is terrific, but know when and where to use it. If you only spend about two hours a day in the car, why not do it without being connected to multiple social media sites? Your safety is far more important than what you want to eat for supper, or what your golf score was that day.

What is the obsession with being out of touch for a short period of time? We never used to have mobile devices in our vehicles, and there were far less accidents. But, people sputter, the devices are so useful! True, but they can be useful in a safe environment, like an office or at home. There is no need to text and drive. If you don’t think this applies to you, then research the number of people who have died doing just that. If you don’t want to be a statistic, ditch the technology while driving.

The end results of technology in use prior to a driver meeting another car or semi head-on is awful. If you could see that, and listen to the family’s distress and grief, you would never use a cellphone, smartphone, tablet or anything else in your vehicle again, ever. Get smart.

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