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When Walking Can Kill

Going for a walk may kill you. Not because walking can harm a person, but because a car may end a pedestrian’s life.

“Just when you thought it was safe on the streets and you could go for a walk, you find out that negligent drivers can cause you a whole world of hurt and even kill you. Even with crosswalks and all the laws in the world on the books, there are over 64,000 walkers hit by negligent drivers every year – 5,000 of those hit died,” explained Charlie Donahue, a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer located in Keene. Donahue handles injury cases in New Hampshire and across the United States.

The depressing thing about pedestrian accidents is that people who hit someone who is out for a walk are not paying attention to the law, not paying attention to where they are going, and not paying attention to what is around them. They may be under the influence, driving while distracted, texting, talking on a cell phone or feeding the dog in the passenger’s seat a treat. The reasons why they hit a pedestrian aren’t as relevant as the damage done to the person who was hit.

“Statistically speaking, pedestrian/car accidents are generally caused by several things, not all at the same time, but these are the prevalent ones: speeding which reduces the driver’s reaction time, defects present in their vehicles (tires, transmission, U-joints, steady bearings, steering wheel, brakes), terrible road conditions (icy, construction) and poor visibility (low lighting or no lighting). If you can’t see where you are going and hit a pedestrian, you’re still liable for the damages,” added Donahue, a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer.

Are drivers always at fault in pedestrian versus car accidents? The answer to that question is “No,” drivers are not always at fault. On the rare occasion, the pedestrian may be the proximate cause of the accident. As odd as it may sound, there have been cases where a pedestrian was walking under the influence and wandered right out in front of a car. And even though many pedestrians don’t like crosswalks and may prefer to jaywalk, those who don’t use the crosswalk safely may end up being hit.

“The thing is that over 50% of pedestrian versus car accidents are fatal for the walker. If they do live to tell their story, they may have some incredibly serious life-altering injuries. If you’re been in an accident like this, give me a call. I will assess your case and see what we can do,” suggested Donahue.

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