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Trust your gut

I met a guy today who got in a serious car crash in another state.
He had a chance to meet with an injury law firm, was asked to sign a fee agreement, but decided to hold off.
He went with his gut.
He told me that he had a funny feeling about the injury lawyer.
It just didn’t seem right.

I understand totally.
For years I’ve been telling people to trust their gut when it comes to hiring an injury lawyer.
Ask other people for a recommendation.
Do not just rely on advertising.
I am a big advocate of free speech, and, as the pioneer of legal advertising in my neck of the woods, have no problem with it.
But some lawyers are unethical, and some are outright thieves, liars and crooks.
They will sweet-talk you, and sound real good.
They are to be avoided.

Ask your friends and co-workers.
Then meet with the lawyer, and ask him or her anything and everything you want.
Trust your mind, and your gut!

There are a lot of good, solid personal Injury lawyers out there, so don’t hire a bad one.


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