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Tonight I drink for Ireland

Last week on St Patrick’s Day, March 17, I was visiting Fredericksburg, Virginia, and to my pleasant surprise I found a store owned by folks from Ireland selling Irish stuff.

I love those kind of places, and sure enough, I got talking with those folks. It’s interesting to see pockets of Irish all over the country, even in the south. I know that one of the most festive St Patrick’s Day celebrations is in Savannah, Georgia of all places.

I ended up buying 2 tee-shirts which read: ” Tonight I drink for Ireland.”

I loved them.

I gave one to each of my sons, but not to my 2 daughters — that kind of  sexism is entirely appropriate.

The shirts smacked of Irish pride.

It has been said that we Irish in America are more Irish than the Irish.

I would have bought one for myself, but a guy my age probably shouldn’t wear that kind of shirt, although I’m still not convinced.

I don’t want anyone over-doing it and definitely warn against  getting behind the wheel.

Injury lawyers see too much devastation.

In the old days ( probably the bad old days) I really liked to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, and spent many eventful ones in the great cities of Chicago and Boston. These days I am more focused on the spiritual, rather than cultural, aspects of the day as there was a real St Patrick. Not to mention my youngest daughter celebrates her birthday on that festive occasion.

It is ok to have a drink for Ireland– but moderation is the key, and, as they say, it is crucial to know when to say when.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue

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