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Those in-the-know call upon Donahue

Well, I’ve blogged about police officers and insurance claims adjusters who’ve hired me to help with their legal cases, and now I’ll spend a little time talking about others in- the -know who have chosen me, or referred others to me.

These individuals, who must remain anonymous due to lawyer-client privilege, have first hand experience with the legal system and all the players.

False modesty is no virtue, so here goes: New Hampshire court employees, including judge(s); probation/parole officer; prison guard, and employees from other law firms that do not handle personal injury cases.

All of these players in the system know the lawyers, see them in action, deal with them every day, know their reputation for ability and character, and can choose any lawyer they want.

These players do not pick a lawyer solely upon advertising.

In this business, an injury lawyer does have to ” blow his own horn”, which can produce some sour notes; however, the issue of standing ( qualification) ( why hire you?) is an important one these days when any lawyer with a budget can say whatever s/he wants to entice clients.

There’s one lawyer, for example, who is on the verge of losing his ticket to practice law. He advertises, in Orwellian fashion, that he is “trusted” when in fact he has a documented and proven history of being dishonest and deceitful.

These shysters and con-men do a great disservice to the entire legal profession, including their own clients.

I’m all for aggressive lawyering on behalf of a client– but always honestly and ethically.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue
injury lawyer
Keene, New Hampshire

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