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The word INSURANCE can’t be said at trial

Imagine that.

How unfair?

An insurance company can jerk an injury victim around for years, and if the case doesn’t settle and a jury trial becomes necessary, the big, tough insurance company gets to hide at trial.

In almost every circumstance the injury lawyer is not allowed to tell the jury that the person being sued has insurance and that he is not paying for the defense lawyer.

Why is that?

Because corporate America makes the laws.

All you can do is hope that the jury figures it out on their own, with their collective wisdom, that if the plaintiff wins, some insurance company will pay the verdict, not the defendant him or herself.

Isn’t it sad that the law does not trust our juries and that the power people think it’s okay to play a fraud on the juries– the very folks who take time out of their lives to hear a case, personal injury or other.

It’s all about the money and protecting big, corporate insurance  America.

Well, I’m all about fighting for the little guy.

If you sit on a jury don’t let the defense manipulate you into thinking some poor defendant is going to spend the rest of his life in debt for an accident, something he didn’t mean.


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