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The myth of “my insurance”

For some reason folks get attached to their insurance company.

I hear it all the time: ” I don’t want to make a claim under my insurance. Why should they pay.”

These are good questions and I understand why they are asked. Most injury victims are protective of their own insurance company. They feel connected to them. There is some sort of bond or friendship.

But here’s the problem.The bottom line is that the insurance company, through the powers to be, don’t give a rat’s you know what about injury victims.

Things are fine and dandy when you’re paying your premiums.

Then, as soon as you make a claim and actually need some of the benefits you’ve been paying for all these years, they head for the hills, and can’t wait to end your insurance coverage.

Sound harsh? Well it is.

I’m not talking about having a good working relationship with your insurance agent, or the claims adjuster who toils day after day for the corporate bigwigs.

That’s a good thing, and, in fact, I have a very good relationship with my insurance agency and have great respect for the professionals at others too.

Many are good people and very professional.

Although they can be very helpful, when push comes to shove, the insurance company will call the shots.

And by that I’m referring to the ones at the very top. They’ll step on everyone, including their own agents if they feel it makes economic sense to do so.

My point is that if you have paid for certain insurance benefits, then do not be afraid to use them.

Yes, the automobile accident might have been caused by someone else, and their company should be forced to pay your damages.But, there may be benefits under your own insurance policy, like Medical payment coverage or uninsured motorist protection that you should collect.

Remember it’s your money.

You paid for this protection.

By all means get what you are entitled to…

Have a good working relationship with your own insurance agency and/or company, but sleep with one eye open if you have a claim because that company is likely to treat you differently now.

While you might be worried about protecting “my insurance”, it will not share the same sympathies.

It’s amazing how fast the love turns to hate.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue
injury lawyer
Keene, N.H.

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