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Stop worrying about your insurance company

I hear it from well-intentioned injury victims all the time — Why should MY insurance company pay for my medical bills when it was not my fault?

MY insurance company.

If only the insurance companies had the same kind of loyalty and allegiance to its policyholders.

But they don’t.

Generally speaking it is a good idea for an injury victim to pay the medical bills from their own auto insurance policy. This is called Med-Pay, medical payment provision.

The insurance company charges you fr this. You’ve been paying for it. The essence of the benefit is that if you get in an accident your insurance company will pay your medical bills related to the accident up to the limit of the policy– usually 1k, 5k or 10k.

By the way it is a good idea to buy as much of this coverage as you can. It is not very expensive and affords good coverage.

If your health insurance company or Medicare or Medicaid pays your bills, chances are real good you will need to pay them back, although at a discounted amount. However, in New Hampshire accident victims do not have to pay back their auto insurance carrier for Med Pay benefits used. All the more reason to use Med Pay, and when it is exhausted then go to another form of insurance.

You paid for it— use it. It is in your financial interest to do so.

And your insurance company has no business raising your premium simply because you use the benefit. If it does, shop around and get another insurance comany. Easy to do.

So don’t be so protective of your insurance company. Believe me, it does not share the same loyalty to you. Your agent might be a nice person but his/her boss, the actual insurance company, does not care. You are an ally only as long as you are paying your bills and not trying to collect anything under the policy. At that point, it heads for the hills. You are history.

MY dearly beloved insurance company will turn on you at the drop of a hat.

Use your Med Pay. Ask your agent about it. Get a free consultation from an experienced personal injury attorney at your earliest opportunity.

And, keep your chin up; keep your strength.

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