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Some of these insurance companies are crooks

Are there crooked lawyers?
Sadly, yes.
Right here in small town New England we have injury lawyers found guilty of taking advantage of and lying to, their own clients.
As if lawyers don’t have a bad enough reputation…..

Don’t think insurance companies are All- American, true blue, and out to help the little guy.
Most are out to screw the injury victim.

Don’t get me wrong.
There are some good insurance adjusters, and after 29 years in the business I know who they are.
It is truly a pleasure to work with the good ones.
It makes life easier for everyone.
Having mutual respect helps make timely and fair settlements.

The injury law business is not for weaklings.
It takes hard work, dedication, know-how, and an ability to know when to say when, as they say.

No matter how nice that adjuster might seem to you, be careful.
Do not sign anything without talking to an experienced injury lawyer.
It costs nothing, so don’t go it alone.
Also, most injury lawyers charge the same, so why not talk with a successful and experienced personal injury attorney?

These days I’m seeing a push by insurance companies to settle with Injury victims real soon after a crash. They know it takes time to properly evaluate a case. So how can they possibly make a fair settlement before the full extent of the injury is known? They can not and they know it, but they hope you do not know.

Sign off and it’s curtains– game over.
Be careful.

Charlie Donahue

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