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Six Week Old Baby Gets Fatal Dose Of Sodium

Hospitals may well be death traps for a variety of reasons. The hospital in this reported case certainly was for a 6-week-old baby.

This case just makes you shake your head and wonder what on earth was going on in the hospital the day this baby died. His parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against their local hospital after their son was given IV meds at 60 times the prescribed dose. Yes, you read that correctly – 60 times the prescribed dose.

The baby was born prematurely, and in this reported case, his family said he was making some progress when he was given a mega overdose of sodium, which caused cardiac arrest. The hospital did admit they gave the baby the wrong dose by mistake. This is a mistake that you just do not recover from. Even saying “sorry” just does not cut it for the grieving family. They want to know how it happened in the first place. How could a baby get such a monstrous overdose in the hospital; the very place he was supposed to be safe.

How could anyone in their right mind, or who had been paying attention to what they were doing, think that a dose 60 times more than was prescribed was the right thing to do for a 6-week old baby? Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? It is not much wonder why the family opted to file a wrongful death lawsuit, asking for fair and full compensation for the egregious negligence that caused the death of their baby.

There is no such thing as two wrongful death lawsuits that are the same. Each one is different and the details make the case. This is why if your child has been harmed while in hospital, or you have been hurt while in hospital, that you need to discuss your case with a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer. Do not let too much time go by after the incident that you have questions about, or you may miss being able to file a lawsuit in time.

An experienced New Hampshire personal injury lawyer is worth his weight in gold for the extensive experience he offers you in a wrongful death case such as this. His ability to dissect complex medical issues is the best weapon you could have in your lawsuit arsenal. If you have questions, call someone who gives a damn about you and your case.

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