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Set a date with your insurance agent

I had to pick a sexy title to get your attention on this blog.

As 2011 opens I’ve already seen a situation where a client with a very big injury case might end up short-changed because of lack of insurance coverage.

I mean, your case is seldom any bigger than the amount of insurance the wrongdoer has, unless the wrongdoer is a wealthy corporation or person.

This does not mean everything is left to chance– a hope that if a terrible ordeal strikes that the wrongdoer has plenty of insurance.

You can, and should, be pro-active and take measures to protect yourself and your family.

You do this by carrying enough insurance yourself, including an umbrella policy.

It is possible to have enough coverage so that if, God forbid, someone causes you great harm and they are uninsured or under-insured ( just not enough to pay a big case), then your own Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage kicks in just as if that person had enough coverage.

I’m not in the business of asking you to buy more insurance. I’m sure your premiums are high enough, but the fact is you can probably buy sufficient coverage without paying a lot more.

Set a date with your insurance agent to review your coverages.

Ask about buying strong UM coverage or an umbrella policy, not only to protect you in the event a claim is made against you or a family member, but also to protect you and your family in the event an uninsured or underinsured motorist inflicts harm on you or a loved one.

If your agent says not to worry, then you better get another agent.

The folks I met with recently are very bright and were talked out of buying an umbrella policy by their agent.

It’s hardly their fault; they were relying on their agent, but they were given bad advice.

Buy the best insurance coverage you can afford.

Don’t be afraid to shop around or get a second opinion.

There are many insurance companies out there. It is very competitive. Make sure you talk with an agent who will give you the time of day and discuss adequate coverage.

As an injury lawyer, I see many situations that could have been prevented, and a lot of needless suffering.

The area of adequate insurance coverage rears its ugly head quite often, so I hope this blog prompts you to see your insurance agent as we start the new year.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue

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