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Running the table – settling injury cases

I’ve been on a run, which means I have many satisfied injury clients. With settlements like $600,000, $100,000, $100,000, and $50,000., it’s great to see regular, hard working folks get the money they need and deserve, to help put their financial lives back together.

Under our system of law, an injury victim has a constitutional right to full, fair and adequate damages. That’s a nice way of saying money. It seems crass to equate personal injury with money; it just seems wrong. But if you think about it, the system makes good sense.

First, insurance companies collect millions upon millions in premiums with the understanding it will pay a fair share of ( you got it) money to injury victims. And now we’re learning some of these corporate big-wigs get out- of -sight bonuses, even if they do a lousy job. I’d rather see it go to people who need it to make their lives a little easier after they’ve been injured through no fault of their own.

Second, if you had the power to create a better form of justice, what would you implement? What could you do for injury victims that would be more helpful? Yes, under our system justice=money. And, without doubt, there are many times that equation is not good enough, and the money does not come close to justice. However, you’d be hard-pressed to think of a better way, as imperfect as our system is.

If the only justice we have is money, injury victims should be awarded full, fair and adequate damages, as guaranteed by our NH Constitution.

We here at Donahue Law are based in little ole Keene, New Hampshire, but we represent injury victims across N.H., and have close connections with injury lawyers across the country.

Without doubt, we can help you with any injury law claim, and would be honored to do so.

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