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Please read– if you have a credit card with a bank or credit union.

Most of my injury law clients are regular, ordinary folks.

Every once in a while I see something in the law, some development that might affect some of my client’s even though it does not involve personal injury law. Today I came across a very interesting problem I learned about from a close friend who specializes in class action lawsuits– a real genius and champion of the people.

It involves the practice of banks and credit unions using funds from checking and savings accounts to satisfy or off- set debts a customer has incurred on a credit card account.

It is usually done using an automatic withdrawal.

The practice is illegal. It violates the Truth in Lending laws as well as the Consumer Protection Act, along with constituting an Unfair & Deceptive Trade Practice.

Has a bank or credit union dipped into your account to satisfy amounts due on a credit card account?

If so, give me a call. You, the consumer, have legal rights. I will put you in touch with a top- notch consumer lawyer who can help you pursue legal action against the bank or credit union.

Like me, he operates on a contingency fee basis so you don’t pay until you win.

Often times, the court will order the bank to pay the attorneys fee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by pursuing our legal rights.


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