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Part 2— Why go to Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College??

Yesterday I blogged about this topic and I need to stress and re-emphasize a very important point.
I love my job– not many people can say that and very few lawyers can say that with a straight face.
I am passionate about protecting the rights of the little guy– all the people, especially the injured, the forgotten and those the insurance companies love to push around, intimidate and bully.
I’ve always despised bullying and I particularly can’t stand it when big, monied business/ insurance interests try to take advantage of regular people.
That’s where I come into play as a ” Warrior” for the people.

I am not embarrassed to say I care about my clients.
I went to that college to learn from the best of the best– to push myself to the limits– to be the best I can be.
When you train with the best, you become better, and make incredible connections.
All this makes me a much better and effective advocate.

It is when we, no matter what we do, feel that we have nothing else to learn, that we deceive ourselves.
Many lawyers go though the motions.
They get in a rut.
The only difference between a rut and a grave is the dimensions!

I am not embarrassed to say I make a very good living as an injury lawyer.
I work for the money like everyone else.
I don’t pretend to be a saint.
But I only get paid if my client wins.
I get paid a commission.
It works jut great– the better I do for my client, the better I do for me.

Ethical, straight-shooting and aggressive.
I listen to my clients.
I care about their story.
I love them for who they are.
I want them to be REAL.
I am REAL with them, too.
I need to know who they are, where they came from and where they are headed.
That is part of who I am and what it means to be a ” Warrior ” for the people in the
tradition of Gerry Spence.

I am NOT a ” song and dance” bullshitter who seems or acts concerned, but could not care less.
I am NOT a mucky- muck lawyer for the super rich or the political, governmental elite.
I am NOT a cocktail party, fancy, look-down-my-nose kind of arrogant lawyer.
I have my faults but those aren’t them.

I am committed to you and your injury case– a people lawyer, through and through, to the core.

Believe me, it would have been a whole lot easier to spend a month on a beach in the sun, rather than exploring the depths of my soul and pushing myself to the max in front of some of the best lawyers in the country working on jury trial skills.
But it would have been a whole lot less rewarding.

I’d be honored to help you or a loved one.

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