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Objective Car Insurance Companies are an Oxymoron

If you have ever dealt with an insurance company over a claim for personal injury damages, you will know what a major hassle it is.

On the surface, you would think that a car insurance company would be objective and only worried about your best interests. After all, you are their customer, you have been paying premiums for years and now, you need help getting an accident claim sorted out. You expect they will help you. Stop right there and make a call to your New Hampshire injury lawyer. Insurance companies may be objective in a biased sort of way, but they certainly do not exist to make your life easier if you have a claim.

In fact, insurance companies are a business – full stop. They exist to make money. If they pay out top dollar for your accident and injuries and top dollar for everyone else’s accident and injuries, they will not be in business for long. Hence why, when you get an accident claim that should pay out a fair price, you get the run around, the stall, the twisted approach to handling a claim by putting words in your mouth, the fabrications built on partial truths to make you blurt out things they can use against you and a ridiculously low offer.

Insurance companies may be objective, but it is with a bias towards keeping the claim payments down to a dull roar, as low as they can go, and get away with it. Objectivity is present in gathering evidence. That makes sense. How they go about gathering evidence is hardly objective, if that so called objectivity includes taping phone calls and using portions of the call out of context to reduce your claim or deny it.

If you have made it this far in a claim with your insurance company and are fed right up, this is the point you need to get the big guns involved. Call your New Hampshire injury lawyer and get things moving. Insurance companies do not mess with personal injury lawyers because they know they could land in court and pay out a big bunch of money.

While the facts may speak for themselves and any right thinking reasonable man would “get it” when they read the facts, this does not cut it with insurance companies who want to get the file closed fast and cheap. Facts sometimes get bent to suit their side of the equation and not yours; the injured victim.

Do not let an insurance company bully you into a fast and early chump change settlement. Talk to an experienced New Hampshire injury lawyer and find out what fair really means.

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