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Not all injury cases are big

If you or someone you care about has been injured, you should talk with an experienced personal injury lawyer. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
While it is true most of my injury clients have been involved in some sort of serious personal injury, others ended up with not so serious, but nevertheless real, injuries.
If the damages were caused by someone else, and there is insurance coverage ( the other guy’s or your own), you might very well be entitled to compensation.
Your case does not have to be the biggest case in the world, something life altering and catastrophic.
Very recently an injury victim called me because he was offered $800 to settle with an insurance company.
He was smart to call.
I told him not to settle.
I ended up settling for almost $6,000
Even after paying my 1/3 attorney fee, that guy did a whole lot better.
Where I come from, and where most of my injury clients come from, the difference is real money!
Do not hesitate to call a personal injury lawyer at the start.
Sometimes little injuries do get worse.
If the case remains very small I have been known to give free advice and instruct the client how to do it alone.
That is never a smart idea except on the smallest of injury cases.
But there is a level of value where it starts to make good sense to hire an injury lawyer.
The guy in this story is very glad he did.

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