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New Hampshire Driver Careens Off Road Into Bushes And Is Pronounced Dead On The Scene

Some car accidents are a complete mystery. This single vehicle roll over fits into that category.

“This particular case happened near Rindge, New Hampshire, and involved a 64-year-old man who suddenly veered off a road and smashed into a wooded area. Witnesses in the area said they saw the car plunge off the road and into the bushes, but saw no evident cause to account for why the man left the road suddenly,” said Charlie Donahue, a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer located in Keene. Donahue handles injury cases in New Hampshire and across the United States.

All the police were able to determine is that the man was dead on impact and had not been wearing a seatbelt when his car took a flying dive off the road. It appeared the man had been traveling north when he went off the road, without braking. There is some speculation that the man’s accident may have been caused by a medical condition, but the autopsy results will not be known for some time.

“While the autopsy will indicate the man’s cause of death, they may not be able to tell if there was anything wrong with the 2001 Protégé. For example, were the tires defective? Was there something wrong with the steering wheel or suspension that caused the man to lose control? Or was there something in the road that caused him to try and avoid an accident and sent him off the road instead?” asked Donahue.

The family will be interested in the answers to these questions, as they may want to know if they can file a wrongful death lawsuit. “Maybe. If the man did die as a result of a medical incident, say a heart attack, they would not be able to file a lawsuit. On the other hand, if the cause of the accident turns out to be a defective steering wheel or tire, that is a different story, and they may be able to file a defective product lawsuit within a wrongful death action,” Donahue said.

“No matter what the circumstances of any car accident, if you have been injured or someone you loved was killed, please, call my office for answers to your questions. I am here to help you and should you choose to hire me to represent you, you will get one-on-one attention and aggressive representation of your legal rights. That’s a guarantee,” Donahue said.

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