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Negligent Driving

Most car accidents are totally preventable and are caused by driver negligence — failure to pay attention, speeding, distraction, and poor decision making.

Drunk drivers cause over 10,000 fatalities every year.

Many auto accidents are caused by drivers acting negligently, as opposed to intentionally driving to hurt someone. It could happen to anyone at any time.

Our goal is not to make anyone’s life miserable. It’s the insurance company’s job to step up and pay all damages caused by its insured. Rather than do so, it does whatever it can to deny or delay.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have an experienced car crash lawyer on your side, someone who knows how they operate and is fully prepared to hold them accountable.

I’ve been an auto accident attorney for over 37 years. I’ve seen a whole lot of needless suffering caused by inattentive drivers.

A car accident can turn your life upside down. Most people are struggling to get by under the best circumstances. The last thing they need is to be harmed due to someone else’s choice to drive negligently.

If a negligent driver causes a car crash, a good auto accident lawyer will make sure nothing is over-looked, so that you are fully and completely compensated under the law.

The opposing insurance company will not like it, but with the right legal help, it will know you mean business.

It’s always bothered me when injury lawyers seem apologetic for making claims for their clients or diminish their own clients’ damages.

At Donahue Law, we look at the whole landscape. It’s critical to make sure your future is protected.


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