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Money is justice

Under our system of law, money is the only form of compensation for injury victims.

These are not criminal cases where the wrongdoer can go to jail and lose his liberty.

And, we are not allowed to take justice in our own hands and exact revenge.

The good thing is that there is insurance coverage.

We pay insurance to protect us.

By making an injury claim, you do not need to hurt someone else.

Most accidents are not intentional; they are mistakes made by decent people.

The damages caused by these mistakes are supposed to be paid by insurance.

If you have an honest personal injury case and don’t want to pursue it because you don’t want to hurt the other person, you might only be helping the insurance company responsible for paying the claim.

It sounds crass but money is the only compensation our system allows. But then again it is a reality that it costs money to do things in this world and to survive and meet our obligations.

Pursuing an injury claim is not about greed at all– if legitimate and done ethically and professionally.

Like every other job, it is the few bad apples who ruin them all and tarnish the reputations of those who try to do it right.





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