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Millions Recovered This Year !! Or should I say $$$

It has been a very productive year so far at Donahue Law firm.
We are happy to report there are many satisfied clients.
Injury victims need all the financial compensation they can get to put their lives back together.
Several are now set for life, thanks to a whole lot of hard work and determination not to settle for anything less than full compensation.

Because I am paid on commission, the better I do for my clients the better I do for myself.
It works out very well.
My clients and I are teammates; in it together, and it is truly rewarding and gratifying when it works out as planned.

The contingent fee system gives injury victims a chance to get excellent legal help without worrying about paying high hourly rates for a lawyer.

I have not sent a legal bill to a client in many, many years.
Commission puts me to the test, and my clients minds to rest.

if you need an Injury lawyer, and I hope you don’t, why hire a lawyer who is inexperienced, or experienced in a different type of law, or one who is not used to big results?

I would be honored to help you and those you care about.
I’ll shoot straight with you, and treat you right.
I’ll lead you through the legal system because I know my way around.

I will take your personal injuries personally.
I won’t let anyone take advantage of you.

If you have time to read some of my other blogs, you’ll see that I am not a typical lawyer.
You’ll find me to be real.
I know I can be a bit outspoken, and at times a bit brash, but you will always know where I stand.

Thanks, and keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue
Injury lawyer

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