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Keeping it in perspective

The Patriots had a chance to win the Super Bowl, and like many loyal New England fans, I was disappointed to see them lose, especially the way they did and to the New York Giants– again.

As many of you who read my blogs know, I enjoy sports– especially the competition.
We learn many life lessons on the field of competition.
We learn what it is like to lay it all on the line for something we really want– victory.
We learn of winning and the pain of losing.
We learn how to do battle; to be gracious in victory.
It is the pain of defeat and disappointment that motivates and energizes us to victory next time.

Sounds a lot like being an injury lawyer.
But for that matter it is a lot like a lot of jobs.
Everyone can relate.

Yet when it is all said and done, sports are just sports.
The disappointment of the Patriot loss was quickly placed into proper perspective when I saw some human tragedy– a dad trying with everything he’s got to have a relationship with his two year old son, only to be stonewalled and denied by a vindictive ex-wife who only feels her own pain and feels it is best for her child that he have no relationship with his dad.

This morning at work, not all too many hours after the game, I was quickly reminded of other very real human suffering– a mom dealing with her son’s accident related injuries, and his near tragic ordeal.

Keeping it in perspective…

These days I believe sports has become the new religion.
And that is not a good thing by any means.
They are not life and death — no matter how seriously we take them.
Our world is full of very real suffering.
You don’t have to be involved in personal injury law to see it.
It is all around us.
No original or brilliant insight here, but some truth.

I truly think the fans take these losses harder than many if the players, who move on to their next big contract.

And, as a friend of mine who was a real big Pittsburgh Steeler fan once observed — none of the Steelers gave a crap when he was going through all his struggles.

So, ya, the Patriot loss is tough to take… But in the long run, will it really matter?

Keep your strength,
Charles A Donahue
Injury attorney and street side philosopher

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