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Just because it says so, does not mean it is

Sometimes insurance policies exclude certain coverage. When a claim is made by an injury victim, the insurance company points to policy language that says no coverage for that, so sorry.

Don’t just think that’s the end.

Insurance policies can not violate the law, and if a provision does, the courts will not enforce the policy.

It is always worth consulting with an experienced personal injury and accident attorney to know your rights.

Last year I ran into a situation where my client, a victim of a serious accident, made a claim — through my office– for underinsured motorist benefits under his employer’s large commercial policy. He was injured by a driver with some, but not enough, insurance coverage. The employer’s insurance company tried to deny responsibility using policy exclusion language. We filed an action with the court and obtained a ruling that said the policy language is void. After more fighting our client obtained a settlement of  1.25 million dollars.

Don’t go it alone.

Don’t leave your future in the hands of the insurance company– and I don’t care what the policy says.

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