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Jury trials start in deception

Did you know that an injury victim has to bring suit against the person who caused the accident and not against the insurance company that is paying the bill?

At trial the insurance company— the real party in interest and the most involved player in the claims process— is given total and complete anonymity.

Nobody can breathe a word about its existence.

The jurors are left to guess and wonder if they find for the injury victim who will pay.

The injury victim can not tell the jury that the defendant in the courtroom will not have to pay. For that matter his or her lawyer is being paid by the same insurance carrier and nobody is allowed to tell the jury.

It surely looks like the insurance companies are very powerful, and are able to influence lawmakers.

What’s the big secret?

Why let insurance companies hide?

Why perpetrate such a fraud on the jurors?

Why not let the jurors know everything?

Is there so little trust in the ability of the people to do the right thing?

If any changes are to be made in the law — so called tort reform— the best change is to end this deception and let the jurors know the real players.

There are worse things than a fair playing field.

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