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Jaws of Life Extracted Most of the Victims in Horrific Accident Reported New Hampshire Injury Lawyer

No one knows for sure how this accident happened. Five were injured and one was ejected onto the highway.

“Sometimes crashes happen, and no one really knows why or how they happened. This reported case seems to have been one of those kinds of cases. Five people were hurt, including a girl who was ejected from a minivan, after a two vehicle crash,” said Charlie Donahue, a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer located in Keene. Donahue handles injury cases in New Hampshire and across the United States.

Despite the evident lack of details as to how the crash happened, one thing stood out for news hounds and first responders – the high number of emergency personnel who reported to the crash scene to help the victims. There were at least 25 firefighters on hand and four ambulances, along with the Jaws of Life to help victims out of the wreckage.

It was definitely a scene from a nightmare, with people and vehicle parts all over the place. The force of the impact and the fact that a young girl was ejected from one of the vehicles indicates one or both of these vehicles were travelling faster than they should have been. That, of course, will be determined by the police when they have finished their investigation into the matter.

“There are certainly a pile of unanswered questions, not the least of which is what caused the collision? Was someone speeding at the time? Did someone run a red light, drive while texting, drive while trying to adjust the radio, reach back to hand a child a Kleenex and take their eyes off the road? The answers to those questions are paramount in order for the police to determine the ‘at fault’ driver or drivers,” Donahue said.

In terms of a personal injury lawsuit, the lawyer will need to know if there was negligence present, and that the negligence caused one or both of the drivers to end up in a serious injury accident. “There is more to a personal injury lawsuit than just the presence of negligence on the part of someone, but that is the jumping off point for most people. Negligence also plays a big part in the possible amount of a claim to be filed,” Donahue said.

“If you have been involved in a wreck and need compensation to pay your medical bills, expenses for therapy and medications, lost wages, pain and suffering, lost future wages etc, please, give me office a call and we can discuss your case. That’s my job, to help you get fair and equitable compensation when you need it the most,” Donahue said.
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