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It’s all about winning

I’ve been doing a lot of hiking recently.
One of the things I enjoy most is clearing my mind and just thinking.
Naturally my injury cases come to mind and I find myself talking to the trees and whatever animals happen to be in my path, about these cases.

A recent revelation was that injury law must be about winning.
It is not enough to say nice things and simply wish an injury victim all the best.
Sweet talking and whispering sweet nothings do not help the client pay the bills.
They do not make up for lost wages.
They do not alleviate his or her fears and worries about the future and how they will provide for family, let alone save for retirement— a thing of the past and these days a myth.

Winning in the business of helping injury victims means money— top dollar.
In our system, as crass as it sounds, justice is money.
Money helps make the best of a bad situation.
It is never enough, as there is no substitute for good health.
But money is a reality because the bills don’t top just because one’s been in an accident.
We need to earn, to live and enjoy.

It does no good to tell someone who has been seriously injured: ” The insurance company just screwed you over, but I really enjoyed helping such a nice person like you.”

The goal is to win.
As in any athletic event it is a competition ( although with higher stakes) where preparation, conditioning, effort and drive are important.
These days my main sport is golf and I love the competitive side of the sport.
Having to make a key putt is still thrilling.
Having a strong mental approach is also key.

I am uncomfortable with battle terminology— injury law with the insurance company is battle.
These days and for the last decade too many of our young men and women have come back home after experiencing real battle.
It is not the same.
Those folks are heroes.

So let’s stay with winning and fighting those big insurance companies for justice.

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