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It Looked Fine on the Shelf

Defective products are taking the country by storm these days. If a person is harmed by such a product they have the right to sue the manufacturer.

“If you’ve spent any time lately reading the news, you’ll know that more and more defective products are hitting the market every day. Lately, many of them have been children’s products; cribs, wicker storage containers, blinds, jewelry, toys with small moving parts that break easily, and on and on the list goes. It’s downright scary for parents,” observed Charlie Donahue, a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer located in Keene. Donahue handles injury cases in New Hampshire and across the United States.

If it were only the odd product that was defective, people wouldn’t feel like they are under siege. Unfortunately, the products have included just about everything from cars to drills, from bicycles to kitchen knives and from barbeques to furniture. Where does it end? Clearly, the makers of the products in question didn’t take the time to properly design or inspect the final product. They were in too much of a hurry to rush the item to market and make money.

“Interesting that they hold that philosophy about wanting to make money fast,” commented New Hampshire personal injury lawyer Donahue, “when you consider that one defective product recall could cost the company thousands and thousands of dollars, damage their reputation, and tank their market share for a long time.”

Stalking the public in the disguise of a product that should be good for what ails you are defective drugs, tainted food and over the counter medications. These products hold the potential to be even more deadly because they pack a terrific wallop physically – including death. In terms of what is on the market today that consumers may trust, use and feel confident that it won’t hurt them, well, that list is exceedingly short if not non-existent.

“If something you bought, ate, drank or used harmed you through no fault of your own, you may have the right to sue the maker of that item. You definitely need to speak to an experienced New Hampshire personal injury lawyer about this though. Generally speaking, no matter what the reason is why a company put out a defective product, they are most commonly held liable for the harm their product caused and have to pay for medical bills, lost wages and other things like pain and suffering,” Donahue detailed.

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