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It felt good–real good– to tell the rich guy: ” My job is helping the little guy.”

Dressed like a woodsman, I was spending some time today hiking some land I own. It has become a hobby of mine and I really enjoy the peace and serenity of the woods. I also get to clear my head and think about my cases. Outside the hustle and bustle of the office life, I do some of my best work and come up with some of my most creative ideas while I am hiking. I love it. Plus I get good exercise — a win on all levels.

What does this have to do with what I told the rich guy?
Well, after a hike I ran into a friend at a local store. He introduced me to a very wealthy real estate developer. The fellow must be in his seventies. I’ve heard of him but our paths never crossed.
He knew me from my ad on the back of the phone book, and not as the guy dressed like a hiker– I think he felt good lawyers don’t look like I did.

My initial reaction was this guy had a real high sense of self-importance; that he had all the answers; that he was not interested in listening to anybody; and that he was very impressed with his wealth.

He asked what kind of lawyer I was, and it felt real good to say : ” I help the little guy.”
It is true.
There was nothing about this fellow that seemed to indicate he could ever relate, in any way, shape or form, to the little guy.
He was the big guy, the boss, the king.

It felt powerful to say those words and I was proud to give him that answer.
He was interested in how successful I was and I realized we probably did not have much in common.
I don’t like cocktail parties.
Our chat was brief.

And when I left ,I wondered if I had the fellow wrong– at least a little bit.
If he struck me as greedy, don’t we all have a touch of that?
Maybe there was a time when he had nothing, had to claw his way up, and fight for everything he has?
Perhaps, behind those businessman eyes that look like they fired many a person, is a loving individual.
He could be a tremendously kind and generous guy.

Then again, maybe I had it right the first time.
I bet he has an interesting story……

Being an injury lawyer, I mainly help regular, ordinary folks.
I want my clients to feel they can be themselves with me, and that they are good enough as they are… because they are!

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