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Insurance friend responds…

I had a feeling it would happen after I wrote my blog on the insurance company screwing injury victims.

Sure enough a friend of mine who works for a big insurance company took offense.

I knew he would.

He’s used to me, however, and we’ve had these kind of discussions before. It has never been taken personally. In fact, we are able to give each other a hard time, but it is always in good nature.

And, over the years, we’ve been able to settle many injury cases together.

There is no doubt in my mind that he, personally, never intended or desired to take advantage of any injury victim. It’s not the kind of guy he is. But the fact remains that he didn’t call all the shots, and had to report to supervisors with more authority to settle cases. Even he found this to be hard to deal with.

Years ago, it was much different. Insurance companies gave their adjusters more authority and freedom to settle injury cases. These days there is too much micro-management of cases, often times by whipper-snappers who know far less about injury law than the men and women on the front lines who actually deal with injury victims, insureds, and personal injury lawyers.

I don’t know why insurance companies have changed their way of doing business, but my guess is that it will back-fire, and end up costing them more to do business. It will also take a toll on their personnel, who are basically being told the company does not trust them to make the right decisions, and that they need someone looking over their shoulder all day.

Nobody would like to work under those conditions.

The bottom line is that the insurance industry answers to its stock-holders, while a good personal injury lawyer answers to his client.

Keep your strength.
Charlie Donahue
injury lawyer
Keene, New Hampshire

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