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Insurance Company admits it does not care about injury victim

This is not news to me, or to anyone who is in the trenches fighting insurance companies on behalf of injury victims.
Surely there are good insurance adjusters who want to do the right thing; however, they have limited, to no control.
They must follow orders.
Those at the top– and I mean the multi- millionaires at the very top– make the rules and set the parameters.
The little guy takes it on the chin– again and again.
The truth is that these same big guys don’t even really care about their own employees, let alone injury victims who dare to make a claim for financial compensation– justice.
We see it all the time these days with corporate down-sizing.
I know plenty of insurance adjusters who, true be told, fear their own corporate bosses.

I was at a very big mediation recently.
I was helping a seriously injured fellow in a very big case.
It was a case worth over a million dollars.

During the presentation of the defense lawyer (the guy representing the insurance company and one of this state’s premiere insurance defense lawyers), he actually said that the insurance company does not care about the victim and that they are ” bean counters.”

As harsh as those words are ( they actually should have burned in his mouth ) I had to admire him for telling the truth!

Injury victims cannot trust the insurance company to treat them right.
They, or should I say it, does not care.

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