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Insurance Companies Cheat Customers

We read about insurance companies getting caught for fraud, but fail to appreciate that often times the fraud is against policy holders. In other words, the victims are their own loyal customers. That’s some kind of ” thank you” for doing business, isn’t it?

For some companies it is all about the money, and nothing else. Doing the right thing and ethics are flushed down the toilet.

If insurance companies cheat their own loyal customers, then why should injury victims trust they’ll be fair with them?

The insurance industry is heart-less. Ask anybody who works for one of these big companies. They’ll tell you it’s all about the money. It’s not like the good, old days. I hear it all the time from decent claims professionals ( there are some), who are forced to work much harder, for much less, under very stressful conditions.

So when I talk about the insurance companies who take advantage, I’m not talking about the many decent folks who put in a hard day’s work. I’m talking about the corporate big shots — the multi-millionaires– who’d rather make obscene bonuses than treat their own customers, employees and injury victims fairly.

I know how to fix these stuffed-shirts.

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