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Incredibly Bizarre Accident Results in Man Found Dead in River

The missing driver in this car crash case was found on a sand bar in the river. It’s an accident scene that no one can figure out.

Unusual things happen when a collision occurs. In this case though, not many people had ever heard of a missing driver. When he was found, no one could explain how he got to be where he was in the river, downstream from his vehicle on a bridge. The police have no idea how he died – yet.

Apparently, after the collision, and during the scene being worked by EMTs and the police, they determined there was a missing driver that should have been in or near his Ford F150. The crash happened on a Monday and the man’s body was not found until the following day, about a mile downstream from the bridge where the accident happened, and this was no ordinary accident either.

The best accident reconstructionists have been able to determine is that it was likely slippery road conditions that caused the man’s truck to slam into a guard rail on the bridge. That was the beginning of a series of other crashes. It looked like the man’s truck had come to rest across both eastbound lanes of the highway. What followed was a driver in a 2007 Nissan that once he saw the truck in the middle of the road attempted to swerve to miss it. However, his car hit the bridge and perhaps the truck in the middle of the road.

Mere minutes after the second crash, another truck hit the Nissan, followed by a freightliner semi pulling a box trailer. It slammed into the Nissan and the first man’s truck, shoving both vehicles to the east side of the bridge. By the time rescue crews got to the scene, those present knew a driver was missing. The question was, what happened to him and where did he go?

The initial findings of the investigation were that the missing man, whose name was found on his vehicle registration, was ejected after hitting the bridge, or that he was hit by another car after getting out of the truck, and tossed over the bridge. The driver of the second vehicle involved in this wreck said he did not see anyone at the scene after he crashed into the truck. This may mean the man was ejected on impact.

What a truly bizarre event. How would this accident shape up legally for those involved? It needs to be determined if the first driver was speeding, driving while distracted or driving too fast for road conditions – meaning he was negligent. From there on out, each person who hit his truck, or another vehicle because his truck was in the middle of the road, would have a personal injury case to file.

The lesson here? Accidents are not always what they seem to be, and by the time this one is put to bed, there may be other revelations that will affect any cases filed. If you have been in a situation similar to this, do not hesitate to call an experienced Brattleboro personal injury lawyer. Damage recovery for your injuries will depend on the Brattleboro personal injury lawyer doing their job, and sorting out the messy details. They know what needs to be done to get justice.

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