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I never thought I would have to call you…

These are the words an insurance claims adjuster told me this morning.
This professional works for a big insurance company. He got hurt several years ago in an automobile accident.
This is his business, so he figured he would not need to hire an injury lawyer to help him.
After all, he does these kinds of cases all day long.
He negotiates settlements with other plaintiff lawyers.
He goes to mediations and, if necessary, trial.
This fellow deals with a lot of lawyers, and has seen many in action.

It is an honor that when he was not able to work out a deal with the insurance company handling his claim, he asked me to help him.

The last thing on his mind was that another insurance professional would try to screw him over.

In another case, I am honored that a retired judge has asked me to look into a potential injury case for one of his family members.

I’d be happy to help you, too.

All the best,
Charlie Donahue

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