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How quickly the love turns to hate

I see it all the time.
People love their insurance company and are very protective of it.
They pay their premium year after year.
” My ” insurance company cares about me and will be there in times of need to protect me.

That is a common attitude and it results from the fact most good folks truly want to believe the insurance company will do what it promises– pay legitimate claims.
It also exists because people truly like their insurance agent– the one who sold the policy.
In fact, most insurance agents are good people doing their job with good intentions.

Then, out of the blue, some disaster strikes.
Sometimes the insurance company comes through.
Sometimes it does not.

I find that if the claim deals with something small, chances are the claimant will be treated ok.
No big deal.
“My” insurance company came through.

But in the area of personal injury, the love often turns to hate– the insurance company, seeing it might end up paying a lot of money, more than it will ever get from someone, just flat out becomes vicious.

As bad as that is, it is much worse when they sweet-talk an injury victim and string someone along until they get so worn out, frustrated and tired, they decide to take what little they can get to put the accident case behind them.

The bottom line is to be cautious. Victims of personal injury ought to look after their own best interests, talk with a successful injury lawyer, and take everything into consideration.

There is a lot at stake and you only get one bite of the apple.
I’m sure we all know people who wish they did not trust the insurance company to do the right thing.
Blind trust in that industry is bad because its deity is profit– people are only in the way.

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