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“How many of your clients are faking it?”


As I was sitting in the dentist chair, that was the question the hygenist asked me this morning.

It’s a great question, and a very fair question as well.

There is a perception, a feeling out there that all injury clients are faking it.

The truth is that most folks have a bad taste in their mouth about personal injury claims, and injury lawyers too.

I cannot blame them.

The press sensationalizes every wierd and bizarre case and jury verdict.

Who has not heard of the McDonald’s case? It scalds everyone.

You hear of fools who supposedly stick their hands in a running lawn mower, get the expected injury, then sue the manufacturer, distributor and retailer of the mower.

You hear of crooked lawyers who even cheat and take advantage of their own clients.

In my line of work all of this gives the profession, and those of us who pride ourselves on being aggressive and ethical, a very bad name.

It’s a fact of life, and goes with the territory.

The hygenist was embarrassed to ask the question, but I’m glad she did because it deserves an answer.

I told her, quite truthfully, that none of my clients are fakers.

There are too many good, honest clients out there in need of a good injury lawyer for me to get involved in a bad case.

After doing this for nearly 30 years I have a sixth sense.

In many of our country’s big cities the problem of fraudulent claims is a far bigger problem. You see, in New Hampshire our juries have a lot of wisdom and common sense. They don’t tolerate fakers, and are still concerned about justice and fairness. In some neighborhoods around our country that is not the case.

Next time you hear about a crazy and bizarre jury award, I’ll bet it didn’t happen in New Hampshire. It probably comes from a crazy and bizarre place.

If a lawyer were to take a fraudulent case, he’d probably find himself before a jury, and after putting in a ton of work, getting nothing.

Turning down fraudulent claims is the right thing to do; it’s also the smart thing to do; and, from a business point-of-view, the prudent thing to do.

Keep your strength.

Charlie Donahue

injury lawyer

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