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Hernia Mesh Patch injury

There is a recall on many hernia mesh patches, which are potentially harmful and dangerous.

If you’ve had a Kugel hernia mesh patch implant, you should talk with your physician. The FDA has issued a warning that patient should do so, particularly if they are experiencing stomach pain, fever, tenderness or unusual symptoms. I urge you to talk with your medical professional, even if you are having no symptoms now. It is better to be safe, than sorry.

These devices are made by a medical device conglomerate, Davol, inc., a subsidiary of C.R.Bard, inc., multi-billion dollar corporations that should be held accountable and responsible to pay your damages.

Chances are your doctor or surgeon had no idea these devices were defective, so it is entirely possible to make a claim for money damages without any harm to your medical professionals.

The mesh patch is used to repair hernias. Many have a defective plastic “memory recoil ring” that can cause injury or death.

If you’ve been injured by a defective hernia mesh implant, call me for free advice. I’d be honored to help.

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Good, caring medical professionals should not be sued, but those who commit medical malpractice ought to be held accountable.

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