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Helping injury victims…

Is not a part time job.

It is not realistic to be an expert in all, or a lot of legal specialties.

The law is way too complicated these days to stay on top of more than one area of legal specialty.


Case closed.

Doing a top- notch job on a personal injury case requires knowledge of injury law, experience with the practical aspects of how the system works in the real world, the financial strength to finance a case as it goes though the system, and, above all, the willingness and ability to get to know your client and his/ her story.

Imagine trying to do all of that while taking phone calls from a client enmeshed in a bitter divorce or trying to give undivided attention to a complex business, financial or estate planning matter or transaction.

Something will suffer.

Actually someone will suffer.

That someone could be an injury client who has already been through enough.

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