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Hard to sue cruise ships

This blog will not my injury lawyer friends happy.
In one of our trade magazines there was an article recently about cruise ships limiting their liability for personal injury, property damage and failure to meet cruise schedules.
The lawyers do not feel that these cruise ship companies should be able to put clauses in their contracts that make it hard for people to make claims against them if the company screws up.
On one hand I totally understand the sentiment.
My focus is always on helping Injury victims receive compensation against the responsible party, corporation or insurance company.
I like that idea very much.
It is also how I make my living so I have a direct financial interest in seeing that all avenues of recourse should be kept open.
But what about a cruise ship that says up front,in the paper work, that it will not be responsible for any claims if an individual gets hurt or sustains a loss of luggage or what not?
The individual has a choice.
He or she does not have to go on the cruise, and I suppose if enough people refuse to go along with those terms, then out of economic necessity, cruise lines will not insist on those contract provisions.
I’ve also got to believe that folks who need protection from big companies are probably not taking cruises.
Most who do have the means, and the duty to look at the paperwork and make a decision.
We do not need government protection.
These are my thoughts.
Individual responsibility goes hand in hand with freedom.
Keep your strength,
Charlie Donahue
Injury lawyer

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